Shalom International Catholic Charismatic Foundation

Fr. Archie Guiriba, OFM

Shalom Retreat House

In 2000, Shalom ministry was blessed by the donation of the Shalom Jesus Christ Prayer Mountain (SJCPM) by Sis. Dhel Marquez (church building and lot). The Shalom Retreat House lies within the premises of the Shalom Jesus Christ Prayer Mountain. It can accomodate up to 200 persons.


Shalom Retreat House - Philippines
Sitio Kaysakat,
Brgy. San Jose,
Antipolo City

The Shalom Retreat House is a serene venue for prayer and liturgy workshops. It is cradled atop a cool, lush, verdant and tranquil mountain and is just perfect for recharging our spiritual batteries and reviving our physical energy.
Overlooking a wide span of picturesque views of rolling hills and ricefields, Shalom Retreat House is open for retreats, recollections, renewal workshops, marriage and family encounter celebrations, skills training, leadership seminars and environmental or agriculture-related activities.


Reservation guidelines

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  • For Retreats and Seminars
    • Minimum requirements: a group of at least 30 persons and 2- day stay;
    • Reservations with below 30 persons are on the waiting list;
    • Accepted reservations below the minimum requirements (less than 30 persons or 2 days stay) will have a surcharge of Php 150.00 per person;
    • Payment details:
      • 25% non-refundable downpayment upon reservation;
      • 50% non-refundable payment one month prior to occupancy and
      • 25% full payment 1 week prior to occupancy.
      • Payments may be made at Shalom Retreat House or at the Shalom Office (Perlas Bldg.);
    • All reservations are non-transferable, on a first-come-first-served basis, and considered open until confirmed;
    • only confirmed reservations are booked in Shalom Retreat House’s calendar.
  • For Weddings
    • Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis and are considered open until confirmed;
    • A non-refundable downpayment of Php 5,000.00 is required;
    • Full payment of all wedding dues one (1) month before the wedding;
    • only confirmed reservations are booked in Shalom Retreat House’s calendar;
    • Reception Venue: SJCPM Chapel Roofdeck - Php 5,000.00
      Use of the Chapel: Php 5,000.00
  • Shalom Retreat House Rates
    • 2-Day Stay includes 6 meals & 4 meriendas; Overnight Stays include 3 meals & 2 meriendas – am/pm
    • Packaged Deal: Php 550.00 per person/per day
    • Use of facilities only, without food: Php 150.00 per person/per day
  • Others: Shalom Retreat House offers Catering Service
  • House Rules

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    1. Upon arrival, all retreat participants shall register on the log folder and be issued their respective room numbers and keys by the Shalom Retreat House (SRH) staff at the SRH office.
    2. Please observe all Reminder stickers;
    3. No Vandalism on the walls and beddings;
    4. No eating and drinking (liquor or soft drinks) inside the room;
    5. Room lights shall be switched off at 10:00 PM;
    6. Use of electrical gadgets shall have an additional charge;
    7. In case of brown-out, please use flashlights, not candles, for fire prevention purposes;
    8. Always lock your room before leaving for security reasons. The SRH management shall not be responsible for any loss of personal valuables;
    9. Regular meals shall be served on the following schedules:
      07:00 am - Breakfast
      10:00 am - Merienda
      12:00 nn - Lunch
      03:00 pm - Merienda
      07:00 pm - Dinner
      For any change in meal service, please coordinate with the SRH staff.
    10. Strictly no taking of dining wares (plates, spoons, forks, cups and drinking glasses) outside the dining hall;
    11. The SRH water is potable for drinking. However, those with sensitive stomach may bring their own mineral water;
    12. To avoid water supply interruption, taking a bath/shower shall be made at intervals, not simultaneously; the retreat group shall bear the responsibility of ordering additional water supply in case of water shortage considering that the SRH water tanks’ load capacity is limited to two hundred (200) persons only;
    13. The Dining Hall shall be closed at 8:00 PM and off-limits during non- operational period for cleaning/food preparation;
    14. Trash cans are provided at visible areas for garbage;
    15. For seminar purposes, kindly bring your own whiteboard marker/eraser;
    16. Please surrender your room key to the SRH staff before checking out. Lost key shall be charged five hundred pesos (Php 500.00);
    17. Kindly wait for thirty (30) minutes at the Dining Hall before checking out for inspection by the SRH staff;
    18. For any problem that you may encounter, kindly coordinate with the SRH staff.
    Thank you and have a Christ-charged retreat!!!